the scent

"In general, women are much more interested in others. This can be seen,
for example, in the use of transitive verbs with the person as the animate
object - ‘je le lave’ [I wash him], m’aimes-tu?’ [do you love me?] - or of
prepositions expressing intersubjectivity; avec [with], entre [between, amongst],
a [to], pour [for], etc.[. . .] Women are more attentive to the question of place:
they are close to things, to others (autres, which is related to one of the
indo-european roots of the verb etre [to be]."

- Jane Rendell -

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Sharon Kivland’s ‘La Bonheur des Femmes’ consists of twenty four photographs hung low on the gallery wall. Above them float the names of various famous perfumes: ‘Allure’, ‘Fantasme’, ‘Knowing’, ‘Fragile’, ‘Dazzling’,‘Sublime’. The images all show women’s feet and legs clad in black from the knees down. This is apparent. But another similarity is not. All the photographs were taken in the same kind of place - at the perfume counters of various shopping venues in Paris: La Samaritaine, Galeries Lafayette, Au Printemps, Bazaar de L’Hotel de Ville. Furthur all these female legs are at rest. Pausing. These feet are in touch with the ground. Just."