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"In this book, the strongest desire is illustrated in many different ways; the desire being that of SEX. This is the strongest form of need, hence if we were to say Sex behind design, Sex = dynamism, power, control, wealth, lust, liberation, freedom, breaking boundaries etc. All these features are what design is all about or what it wants to be. It is very hard to talk about the one without the existence of the other. Browsing through the photographs page after page moving from elements of the erotic bohemian to soft romantic porn, you grasp the importance of sensuality in design.

Sex objects aimed for pleasure which can easily be worn as jewelry, garments with lace & exquisite knitting details and sexual toy chests presented as unique furniture pieces for your living room, are just some examples of the unique pieces that have undergone the long and detailed process of design. This presentation has made us pay notice to the expectations and needs of every single individual that knows how to give or receive pleasure."

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