the age of consent

In Queensland, Australia, it’s considered an “offence” (crime) to have sexual intercourse with anyone under sixteen. However, anal sex is an eighteen-and-over act, independent of gender or who’s on top.

In Bermuda, the age of consent for male-female sexual couplings and female-female couplings is sixteen. For gay males, the age is eighteen.

The age of consent law in Zimbabwe—set at sixteen—only applies to opposite-sex couples and female-female couples; homosexuality among males is considered illegal.

Just like the U.S., states in Mexico decide their own ages of consent. In some parts of Mexico—like Mexico City, Jalisco, and Oaxaca—the age is twelve.

Age of consent laws don’t exist in Antarctica. According to the Australian Antarctic treaty of 1959, it depends on one’s country of origin.

In Greece, male homosexuality became legal in 1951 and the age of consent for gay males who are close in age became fifteen, the same as lesbians and male and female heterosexuals. When one of the gay male partners is older than eighteen, the age of consent is raised to seventeen.

New Hampshire
In New Hampshire, the age of consent is also sixteen, but only for heterosexual couples. Under the law, gay people must wait until they turn eighteen.

Qatar residents can’t legally have sex until they’re married. There isn’t a minimum age limit for marriage, so the parents must give their approval first.

There isn’t a number given for the age of consent in Bolivia; rather, it’s based on when puberty hits. Sexual orientation and gender aren’t included as factors.

They don’t mess around in Oregon. There, sex with anyone under eighteen is classified as Sexual Abuse 3, a misdemeanor. If the person is younger than sixteen, it’s considered rape or sodomy, both of which are Class C felonies.

fonte: Keep It Legal: The World’s Age of Consent Laws,

by Dahlia Rideout

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